Rolwaling valley trek

Price: $2100

Total Days: 19

Best Season: March April May, September October December

Max Altitude: 0

Transportation: Private transpotation

Rolwaling Valley Trek is a difficult and strenuous trekking of Rolwaling region of mid east Nepal. Rolwaling is a remote high altitude glacier valley west of Everest region believed that the mysterious Yeti makes home, although various expedition and research in search of Yetis have been unsuccessful including famous Yeti expedition led by Sir Edmund Hilary in 1956. The high valley is among the seven hidden valleys mentioned in Buddhist sculptures, buried down between steep ice-giants and many mysterious stories have been passed on about this valley. The lower section of this valley have settlements of Beding (3510m) and Na Gaun (4120m) whereas the upper valley are carved by glaciers and towering peaks and is isolated and no permanent settlements are found here. The Rolwaling trek is also Known as Gaurishankher trek or Cho rolpa trek.

Rolwaling Trekking simply can be explained as trek in steep narrow trails, walking in glaciers and crossing several high altitude pass in the mean time enjoying the view of great Himalayas including Gaurishankher (7145m), Pharchamo Peak (6187m), Cho – Oyu and many more peaks. Besides you get chance for an intimate encounter of the Tamang and Sherpa communities living in this region. The other attraction of this trek is Cho Rolpa lake, a high altitude glacier lake in risk of exploding, now the government is draining the lake regular to avoid the accident. Rolwaling Trek is a tiring and hard trek that requires prior trekking experience on glaciers and high passes as well it requires good physical fitness.


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